Video Surveillance System



  Video Surveillance System

     have become the most important single element within the security industry, as a method of preventing, detecting and recording of criminal activity, for all types of
business premises. Due to the continuing development of image sensing devices, there are cameras available to the system designer that will provide video images in virtually any environment.

     A vast amount of different cameras and ancillary equipment, produced by an increasing number of manufacturers, does not make equipment selection any
easier. If anything, it can become even more confusing for an inexperienced installer. Security managers and end users of CCTV systems depend on

     companies such as Pointer Asia, to correctly design, specify, install and maintain systems for any given set of circumstances.

     The system design department at Pointer keep abreast of all the latest technologies available, and have close relationships with the leading suppliers from around the world.

     Pointer has installed CCTV systems that include many hundreds of cameras in a single facility, as well as other systems that have the capability of being
monitored at a remote location. Some of our installations can be found in the premises of the following business sectors.

* Banking and insurance

*Petrochemical facilities

*Petrochemical facilities


*High tech manufacturing

     The transmission of the video images around large complex sites can be on many different types of infrastructure, including:

*Fibre optics

*Wireless technologies

*Dedicated cable networks

     You can rely on Pointer Asia to give you the best possible advice of all aspects of CCTV including; lighting, systems for hazardous areas, verification of perimeter
alarms, and professionally designed operator control room layouts.

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