Many different types of fire alarm detection technologies and detection devices are available in the industry today, so it is possible to provide protection to any building
irrespective of it’s shape or size. Millions of $ worth of loss or damage can occur if buildings are not adequately protected. Most of these losses are avoidable with

     some proactive attention being paid to having a system designed and installed by a professional organisation

     Normally a combination of point heat and smoke detectors, flame detectors,
air sampling devices and increasingly CCTV cameras can be used with special
software to detect fires in a building. Wire free systems can be installed and that reduces the time taken to install systems, making them much more cost effective
than the cabled alternative.

     Whether it’s a stand-alone system or a networked system that can protect a number of buildings, Pointer Asia will have a solution that will provide peace of mind
for building managers, and those responsible for ensuring the safety of their fellow workers. The primary function of a system is to alert the building occupants to
the possibility of danger, and this can be done by using a voice annunciation system. Studies show that a clear concise message announcement is more effective
than simple sounders alerting occupants of an activation.

     Our philosophy with all the systems we design, is for full integration with other elements of your building security package. We can design for you an 'open protocol' solution, allowing other key systems in your building to integrate.

     One of the most important features of a fire alarm system is ensuring that it is adequately maintained. With Pointers commitment to customer satisfaction we can offer this service to our clients. Call Pointer today and let us work with you to produce a Fire Alarm solution suitable for your facility.

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