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 Integrated System

     One of the most important aspects of our business is to ensure that we are aware of the changes taking place in our industry, so that we can offer the very latest electronic
security solutions to our clients. Although most other security companies will try and design a security 'package' which includes many elements of security such as CCTV,
Access Control, and Perimeter Protection, these are likely to be stand alone systems, at times with some sort of linkage, but not fully Integrated Systems as we know it.

     What do we mean when we talk about Integrated Systems? Quite simply that the user has a quick and easy access to every device on the system, can respond to events
as they happen, be proactive in managing the system, and has all the necessary information at his fingertips. How can we achieve this? By offering a security solution that has the following features:

     It's no longer necessary to have multiple databases within an organisation, as systems such as the Lenel OnGuard solution from Pointer Asia, can utilise an
existing database, reducing the need for multiple entries of staff information and making the whole process of managing data so much easier.

     Multiple buildings can be networked together, irrespective of their geographical location using the clients WAN. This is only one of the many advantages of using a
high end Access System. Some other elements available are.

     How can we achieve this? By offering a security solution that has the following features:

* Seamless integration with the digital video management system

* Full integration with alarms, fire alarms, visitor management and asset management

* Centralized management and control

* Single database and single user interface

* Multi site capability

* Scaleable to meet the demands of facilities of any size

    Many benefits are derived from implementing such a system, for example, low total cost of ownership, (TCO), access via internet or intranet, integration to existing databases and time & attendance packages. What we offer is a true 'Open Architecture' system. This allows the end user the flexibility to integrate other key systems in their facility such as
Building Management Systems, (BMS), into the security management system enabling a single point of control.

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