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  Perimeter Intruder Detection


     For organisations that need to protect their facilities perimeter, there are now a whole host of different technologies and systems available, from an increasing
numbers of suppliers. Some of the different types of products and systems on the market include: fence mounted cable systems; buried cable systems; and infra red
and microwave detectors and video motion detection that is provided by dedicated CCTV cameras.

     None of the above technologies can be thought of as a 'standard' for any or every type of perimeter. Each of them has their own inherent properties, and enables the
system designer to select the best possible equipment, for even the most demanding of perimeters. On occasions, a combination of technologies may be the
best possible solution, particularly for high security premises such as correctional facilities.

     The main attributes of a well-designed system are to; delay, detect, assess and respond to an intrusion. Verification of an attempted intrusion or attack is vital for
the system operators, this ensures that the correct level of response is made available for any given activation.

     Pointer has designed and installed systems as a first line of defence, for a varied client list and for sites such as:

*Correctional facilities

*Non Governmental Organisations (NGO's)

*Military establishments

     Should you have a requirement for a Perimeter Intrusion Detection system (PID’s), Pointer will carefully design the correct solution for you, always using the most
appropriate equipment, and using the criteria of 'high probability of detection' and low 'false alarm rate' (FAR). Equipment such as the Micropoint Intrepid system
manufactured by SouthWest Microwave Inc, has successfully been installed in many locations in the UK and Thailand. Many other types are available, including
non-lethal High Voltage fence systems.

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