Parking Management System



  Parking Management System

     Automatic Number Plate Recognition, (ANPR) systems have moved from being used almost exclusively by governments, military and police in high security
applications, to more main stream security projects on behalf of an increasing number of clients. As the software developments, (commonly called 'softwareengines')

     behind the more visible aspects, i.e. the cameras themselves, continue to improve, more opportunities exist to deploy ANPR technology in security solutions, or as stand alone systems for industrial or commercial premises

     companies such as Pointer Asia, to correctly design, specify, install and maintain systems for any given set of circumstances.

     Pointer Asia's parent company, Pointer Ltd based in the UK, is one of the leading integrators in the field of ANPR. They have installed many systems in strategic
locations such as airports and seaports, where the demands and expectations of the client are extremely high. Not only is the ongoing performance monitored to

     ensure set criteria figures are met, but the equipment needs to operate in environmentally challenging conditions.

     More manufacturers have entered this area, providing a wider choice of equipment and consequently ANPR systems have become more economically viable. This also means that there is a wide variation in the performance of product available,but at Pointer Asia we are committed to quality and providing a high level of service, therefore we ensure that when we select a system for a prospective client, that it will meet the client's expectations.
Examples of where ANPR is now being used are:

*Border control points

*Airports and seaports

*Highways and Traffic management

*Congestion charging

*Mobile surveillance

*Parking guidance in malls

*Corporate offices

*Car rental depots

     ANPR is now being used extensively by government national security departments in their fight against global terrorism, to track suspect vehicles and provide a coordinated response at cross border points.

     For many large organizations implementing ANPR can reduce substantially, recurring manpower costs associated with simple tasks as controlling vehicle access to secure areas, and prohibiting vehicles from going where they are not allowed.

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