Products - Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems and equipment no longer simply provide a means to unlock doors, barriers and turnstiles, but provide security conscious end users with a platform on which they can build their bespoke security system. The Access Control System should be capable of being fully and seamlessly integrated with other 'open architecture' systems such as Building Management Systems (BMS), Fire and Intruder Alarms, Time and Attendance packages (T & A), and IP Video Systems.




Most people are aware of the different types of card readers available, swipe, proximity and combinations of these types, which also require PIN codes to be used. More recent developments in the world of Biometrics, means that Biometric data such as Iris Scan, Fingerprint and Facial Recognition can also be used in conjunction with existing card technology to further enhance access to high security or restricted areas.



It's no longer necessary to have multiple databases within an organisation, as systems such as the Lenel OnGuard solution from Pointer Asia, can utilise an existing database, reducing the need for multiple entries of staff information and making the whole process of managing data so much easier.
Multiple buildings can be networked together, irrespective of their geographical location using the clients WAN. This is only one of the many advantages of using a high end Access System. Some other elements available are:
* Alarm Monitoring * Visitor Management * Asset Management * Guard Tours
One of the main features when selecting an Access Control System is to ensure that there is a continuous software upgrade path available from the system supplier. This will enable the selected solution to be continually expanded and other locations as well as additional features, added whenever necessary.