Products - Biometrics

Advances in technology are increasingly allowing us to use biometrics to achieve practical, advanced identification solutions. Companies seeking improved methods of confirming identification of personnel, can now turn to readily available biometric solutions that include finger print technology, facial recognition systems, iris and retina scanning, hand geometry and voice verification. Organisations already using Smartcard technology can introduce an increased layer of security implementing biometrics, and storing the biometric data on the Smartcard. Some of the leading products are in our portfolio, from manufacturers such as:

* Panasonic

* LG Systems

* Lenel


Each of these solutions have their individual advantages and disadvantages, and it is therefore essential to clearly identify specific needs within specific environments, before customers implement a biometric solution suitable for their particular needs. We at Pointer Asia Ltd realise this fact and accordingly ensure that we have sufficient knowledge and expertise in this rapidly developing market sector, to enable us to provide our customers with current and up to date advice on what systems are most suitable for them. Areas within a facility that benefit from this increased level of security are:
* Vaults * Armouries * Server/switch rooms * Command & control centres * Air and seaports
We have access to a wide range of biometric solutions, all of which are capable of being fully integrated into a complete electronic security solution, whilst also being capable of operating as stand alone solutions for single high risk entrance points.
We have current and ongoing projects with either fingerprint technology or iris and retina scanning in Thailand.