Welcome to Pointer Asia
Pointer Asia has built its reputation on being a provider of high quality integrated electronic solutions. Always at the forefront of new technology, Pointer is able to work with their clients and take a project from the design phase, through to completion. With the worlds of IT and security converging, it takes a specialist company with specialist skills to ensure that every aspect of an integrated turnkey project is thoroughly addressed, ensuring complete satisfaction to our wide range of international clients.
Most of our completed projects include many different elements of security. Our team of highly trained and qualified personnel have the ability to design future proof systems, which can include the following:
* Access control * Video surveillance * Alarm monitoring * Fire alarms * PIDS * ANPR * Vehicle barriers * Under vehicle scanning systems * Pedestrian turnstile control * Explosive and drug detection equipment * Control room design and fit out
Pointer Asia has installed systems for international organisations that have facilities in different parts the world, with these solutions being connected to the clients WAN. These systems form part of a worldwide security structure enabling both local and remote monitoring, reducing the need for expensive stand-alone control systems.